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Jr Skyland Football Conference


Welcome to Jr Skyland Football!!

Celebrating our 11 Year Anniversary  

Our member programs are endorsed by and aligned to their High Schools

The JSFC if founded on being an extension of the HS program -
teaching the same offense, defense, termninology and concepts.
Many JSFC organizations work hand in hand wth their parent High Schools who share infomation, techniques and schemes with the JSFC teams so they are best prepared for the next step in their football career.

For this reason, the JSFC requires that all players within the JSFC play on teams where they attend school and where their primary residence is.

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JSFC 2015 Playoffs

by georgio vuolde posted 11/16/2015
Peewee Year-end Tourney Bracket

Games loaded on schedules for November 15th Tournament

by posted 11/06/2015
Coached Corner Updated


9/9/2015: Rules Documents, change logs and additional NFHS documents have been posted.


by georgio vuolde posted 09/10/2015
Always Complete Your Game Summary

Coaches - 

You can access it  through the "Game Summary Form" option in the left hand menu or by clicking HERE 

This is the form you will use after each game to submit your summary.  

Every team except Patriot Flag, is required to complete the "Game Summary Form" after every game they play.  It is Optional for Flag teams is there is an issue/incident.

It can be completed by the head coach or a designate on his behalf.  It requires a brief summary of your game and has optional fields to explain any issues or events that occurred during your game.

Even if you had no issues/incidents, you are still required to complete the game summary.

These included (but are not limited to):

  • Player and/or coach Ejections
  • Issues with the Officials
  • Issues with the venue or the fans
  • Issue/Incidents with opposing your your own coaches
  • Significant injuries

It is due by 8pm 
Monday each week after your game.

Georgio Vuolde
President of JSFC

Mike Moreland
JSFC Competition Commitee Chair

by posted 08/01/2015
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