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Greater New Jersey AYF


Please be patient with us as we update our webiste to reflect our recent changes.   Our target date to complete critical updates is the end of July.

Jr Skyland Football Is Now
Greater New Jersey AYF

Our member programs are endorsed by and aligned to their High Schools

The Greater New Jersey AYF  (GNJAYF) is an unlimited weight, high-school aligned, intermediate level football league founded on the principles of being an extension of the local High School program.  We work in partnership our High School coaches and use the same techniques, terminology, schemes and concepts used by the High School programs so our players are best prepared for the next step in their football career.  For this reason, the GNJ requires that all players play on teams aligned to where their primary residence is.

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The 2018 schedules are being uploaded into the website, however - They are NOT final and NOT approved at this time. 
There are known changes that need to be made and upload corrections to be done.
The Schedule should  be Final by Mid week (8/15) and a notification will go out when they are final and approved.

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Coaching Updates
Date News Update
7/26/2018 Head Coach and Asssitant Coach Registrations are now Open   Register with your team for updates, communication and to be accessible for Trainers, EMT and Officals
7/25/2018 Invitation letter for GNJAYF Coaches publisded to associations for Distrribution (SEE LETTER)
7/20/2018 Rules Documents posted to Documents Page
7/20/2018 About GNJAFY tab and underlying pages updated to reflect our conference joining AYF 

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Why Greater New Jersey AYF

We would like to share an exciting new step that the Jr Skyland Football Conference (“JSFC”) will be taking in 2018.

If you have been part of one of our member programs in the past, you are probably already aware of our conference’s goals, vision and objectives.  But to refresh you… 

We are an unlimited weight, high-school aligned, intermediate level football league founded as an extension of the local High School program.   It is our league’s objective work in partnership with their respective high school coaches and use the same teaching techniques, terminology, and fundamental concepts used by the high school programs so our young student-athletes are best prepared for the next step in their football career.   For this reason, we require that all players play on teams aligned to where their primary residence is and/or for the program of the high school that they attend.   Additionally, we strive to ensure that teams are playing opponents of comparable talent depth and skill level.    We require all of our coaches to be USA Football safety certified. We were early adopters and have been partnering with USA Football and their safety programs going back 7+ years.

This vision and these goals are important to all of our member programs.    As we evaluate the external pressures we all are experiencing related to the perception of football, and in order to best position ourselves to achieve our goals listed above, we have decided that our conference as a whole will align itself the American Youth Football (AYF) starting with the 2018 fall football season.

Under the AYF National Track program:

  • We will become our own conference under the AYF umbrella
  • Our name will change from Jr Skyland Football Conference (JSFC) to Greater New Jersey AYF (GNJAYF)
  • We will continue to provide unlimited weight, tackle football
  • We will continue to have our programs tied closely to their High Schools and HS Head Coaches
  • We will continue to ensure the kids play for their sending districts and affiliated High Schools
  • We will continue to play football based on the NFHS rules and guidelines
  • In the short term (2018), we will improve our ability to have full and equitable scheduling for all our programs through crossover games with other AYF conferences
  • In the near & long term – provides a conference for other, existing AYF programs in our region an opportunity to realign to our conference and play more locally; as well as improve our ability to attract additional programs to our conference based on the platform AYF offers.

The partnership between our youth programs and their high school programs is paramount to what we have built here and what we continue to build upon.  We will continue to reach out to work hand in hand with our affliated High School distrcits as partners to energize those communities around youth football,  provide a place where players of all levels, skills amd abilities can enjoy and learn valuable life lessons from the game of football, assist in any multi-program challenges and ensure we are preparing those players who what a career beyond youth football to be as ready as possible for their high school programs.


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GNJ Programs

The Greater New Jersey AYF expect member programs to:

  • Be commited to the GNJAFY long term.  We want programs who will stay and grow with us for many years to come
  • To be able to field team(s) at all levels from 7U Flag up through 8th Grade Varsity  
  • Be committed to teaching safe football and ensuring coaches at all levels and across all teams are contonuosly learning and improving to ensure a safe, fun and positive football experience.   
  • Put GNJ first! We do not want programs who have split aliegences and aren't priortizing GNJAYF.  

by georgio vuolde posted 06/28/2018
Greater New Jersey AYF

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