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The Jr Skyland Football Conference (JSFC) was established in December of 2004 as unlimited weight, intermediate level football league with the goals of providing an opportunity for highly talented players to experience seriously competitive football at a level above the average youth football league.  


In an effort to have our individual leagues positively impact their local public high school football program and to nurture a smooth transition into high school football we require all organizations that participate in the JSFC have the support of their local high school head football coach and athletic director and run programs based on what is taught and run at the high school level.   Most high schools view their Jr Skyland teams as a direct extension of their programs.

For many of the teams in the JSFC, the players selected to play under the lights on Saturday nights are an all-star type team and represent the best talent in their organization, they play their home games on their high school’s home football field and share the colors and have a name affiliation with their sending district High School. 


The uniqueness and advantage of the JSFC is the ability to provide on the field game experience for ALL players.  We are not hindered by the minimum play mentality.   Our boys have the opportunity for the best of both worlds; either to participate in the highest level of youth competition in the state or get the maximum on the field experience to achieve their goals.




Playing Rules 
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General Information



Member Clubs as of 2016



«Bridgewater Jr. Panthers
  Del Val Jr Terriers
«Hillsborough Jr. Raiders *
  Hunterdon Central Jr Red Devils
«North Hunterdon Jr. Lions *
  North Plainfield Jr Canucks 
  Phillipsburg Little Liners
  Ridge Varsity Jr Devils
  Somerville/Branchburg United Jr Pioneers *
  Trenton Jr Tornadoes
«Voorhees Jr. Vikings
«Watchung Hills Jr. Warriors

« = Founding Organization, * Past Varsity Champion (see Championship Page)

Practice and Schedules

Pre-season Season starts 4 weeks before the 1st game of the season, which is the 1st Saturday after Labor Day.  In 2016, this would be a start of preseason on August 15th and the 1st game weekend will be September 10th.   Clubs can practice 5 days a week, up to 2 hours a day prior to the start of the season and up to 3 days a week and 2 hours a practice during the season & school year.   Clubs can also have non-contact workouts during the summer prior to pre-season.  This is a maximum twice a week and 2 hours a session.    Clubs can also host a week long (up to 5 day) camp during the summer.

Game Times

All Games are scheduled for Saturdays

Patriot level Games
Game Clock is TIPS:  4 x 15 minute quarters, game stops on Timeouts, Injuries, Penalities & Scores,  runs on Out of Bounds and Incompletions
  8:30am  Patriot Flag (Local Fields, Coach Ref)
  9:45am  Patriot JV  (Local Fields. 3 Carded/Cadet Officials)
11:30am  Patriot Varsity (Local Fields. 3 Carded/Cadet Officials)
  1:15pm  Patriot Peewee (Local Fields. 2 Carded/Cadet Officials)


Sklyand level games
Game Clock is 4x10 minute, full stop clock (high schoool rules)
  5:30pm Skyland JV  (High School Fields, 5 Carded Officials)
  7:30pm Skyland Varisty (High School Fields, 5 Carded Officials)




Clubs are encouraged to maximize the number of patriot teams they have, keeping rosters as close to the 16-22 player range as possible.  This is to maximize playtime and opportunity.   Patriot teams should also be balanced and talent spread out as much as possible.   Also, players can be designated as “tweeners” or swing players.   These are players who play a majority of their playtime at the patriot level, but also dress for the Skyland game as either a sub or back-up player based on positional need.  However, no player should play more than the equivalent of 5 quarters of football in a day.






  • The JSFC’s Skyland Division places a significant priority on providing the highest level of competition among the best players from each participating program with a priority on winning championships.  
  • The JSFC’s Patriot Division’s goals are to provide competitive football where all players get significant playtime and game experience to develop the skills and experience needed to compete for a role at the Skyland Division level.


JSFC is comprised of two divisions - the Skyland Division and the Patriot Divisions.  The Skyland is the primary division.  Member organizations (also referred to as clubs) are required to participate in the Skyland division in order to participate in the Patriot Divisions.  Many clubs field multiple teams at each level and most have an evaluation process at the Varsity and JV levels to determine who makes the Skyland team (best players from their programs) and who plays in the Patriot division.



Some key differences are outlined below




Skyland Division

Patriot Division


Play to Win

Win Championship

Maximum playtime in competitive environment.  Prepare for Skyland

Age Levels 14U: Varisty
12U: JV

14U: Varisty
12U: JV
10U Peewee
8U Flag

Weight Limits

No max,  No min

Ball Carry Restrictions if over limits


Not Allowed

Not Allowed

Home Fields

 High School or Equivalent

Town or Organization Fields

Area Restrictions

Must live in the High School sending district


Playtime Requirements


Purely skill based

Max Playtime

Must start on Offense or Defense
& play at least ½ the game plays

Game length

4 x 10 min, stopped-clock, qtrs

4 x 15 min TIPS Clock

Gameplay Restrictions


Varies by level

None at Varsity,
Age Appropriate at lower levels


Post Season Playoffs

Peewee: Post Season Tournaments
Varsity/JV: Post Season Playoffs


Played Championship day

Game times

Saturday Nights:
 JV 5:30p, Varsity 7:30pm

Saturday Days:

Flag 8:30a, JV 9:45a,
Varsity 11:30a, Peewee 1:15p

Swing Players

Skyland talent cannot play down

‘Tweeners” can play up

Note: A player cannot play more than the
equivalent of 5 quarters in 1 day

Lopsided Score Protection

Yes, at 24+ points

Varsity & JV @ 17+ points
Peewee @ 15+ points



Recognition & Achievements



The Skyland conference has had tremendous success for many years.  In many towns, because of the closeness of the organizations to the High School programs and the competitive nature of the league, JSFC players dominate the high school rosters.   Additionally, JSFC is ranked at the top of the N-P-F-A.com youth league ranking as one of the toughest leagues in the state.   JSFC is the current State Champion for the New Jersey Unlimited Weight Football Association (NJUWFA) and has had 3 state champions in the past 5 years.  Also, multiple clubs are members of USA Football and promote and certify for USA Football’s “Heads Up” safety programs.