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All rules updates, clarifications and amendments during the season will be posted here for all coaches.

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Date Divisions Level Type Description
2017 Changes/Clarifications
Aug 2017 Delaware JV Change For 2017,  Delaware JV teams will play the same rules as Raritan teams (formerly Skyland) teams.  Please consult rules doc for details
Aug 2017 All JV Change For 2017, the JV level will not have Kickoffs.   They will use the rules that have been in place for Peewee.  see rules doc for details
Aug 2017 All All Revision Due to JSFC structure changes the Skyland and Patriot rules were converted into JV/Varsity & Peewee/Flag rulesets
2016 Changes/Clarifications
9/16/2016 Patriot Varsity Correction The Patriot Rules document didn't reflect the correct rules for kickoffs.  This has been corrected.  Patriot Varsity KO are equivolent to HS rules.
May 2016 Patriot Varsity Amendment The Patriot Varsity will have all playing rules equivolent to the the Skyland Varsity with the exception of using a SPIT clock and have Patriot specific Lopsided Score rules. (no "in the box" restrictions at the varsity patriot level)
May 2016 Patriot Peewee Amendment The Peewee lop-sided score threshold is moved from 12 pts to 15 pts
May 2016 Patriot Peewee Amendment For Peewee placekicking, includiing XP and FG, the kicker has 7 seconds to get the kick-off from the snap of the ball.  The snap must be an official, between the legs snap and the holder must hold the ball.   The Holder has up to 7 seconds to catch or retrieve the ball.  If the kicker does not make contact with the ball after 7 seconds, the attempt is deemed "No Good".
2015 Changes/Clarifications
10/28/2015 Patriot All Clarification In the rules, when it states 3-point stance, this also includes 4-point stance.  The differentition was intended to be standing vs. hand(s) on the ground.
10/3/2015 Patriot Peewee Reinforcement DL players should be lined up directly heads up on the OL.  We are aware they are young, but please reinforce in your practice sessions.   Also - NG are not allowed until Goalline situations.
9/27/2015 All All Reinforcement The team on the losing side of the ball should not be blitzing linebackers (if allowed) once the Lopsided scores is in effect. The winning team is encouraged to keep the runs inside between the tackles. Blitzing just encourages the winning team to run outside and/or pass, which will end up in exasperating the lopsided score situation.
8/1/2015 Patriot Varsity/JV Change The number of time outs for Patriot Varsity and JV games were increased from 2 to 3 per half.  Peewee remains unchanged
8/1/2015 Patriot Peewee Amendment  The proper "splits" for offense alignment of Peewees can not be wider then when adjacent players can touch fingertips.  This is to control abuse of the rule were DL must line up heads up on OL.  Please adhere to the spirit of the rule.
8/1/2015 Patriot Varsity Clarification For Patriot Varsity Kickoff that travel less than 20 yards, regardless of recovery, the ball goes to the receiving team.  Balls that tarvel 20+ yds are live and can be recovered by either team.
Note:  The Kickoffs at Patriot Varsity are under review for viablity and safety and will be re-evaluated during the 2015 season for the 2016 playing rules.  Coaches will be solicited for feedback toward the end of the season
8/1/2015 All All Clarification For the Lopsided Score rules, when blitzing is restricted (if allowed at the level), no player should be in a 2 point stance within about 3 yds of the LOS.  Please adhere to the spirit of the rule.
2014 Changes/Clarifications
10/6/2014 Skyland All Amendment Under the Game Duration section the following was added (Voted on 10/6/14)
  • Play-clock for Skyland Games is 30 seconds (5 seconds longer then the NFSH 25 second clock)
9/15/2014 Patriot Peewee Correction Correction to Patriot Grid.   Punts for peewees are moved 20 yards down field.  Rules were correct, grid had a typo and said it was 30 -that is wrong.  The grid has been corrected to 20 yds.
9/15/2014 Patriot All Amendment

Rule related to multiple players with same jersey number is updated, it incorrectly stated there is a 10yd penalty, this has been revised.

Now reads:
All Levels: Coaches should attempt to to not have two or more players with the same number on the field at the same time. They are required to notify the opposing coach and the officials before the start of the game if they do.
(updated 9/15/14).

9/11/2014 Patriot JV Clarification There was some confusion at a minimum of 2 games about motion on offense.   The rules are clear.  Motion on offense is allowed at the JV level under JV offense rules “ TK-III.G.1.b.iv:  Motion is allowed”
9/11/2014 Patriot Peewee Clarification

The question came up as to whether the DL on peewee must “engage” the OL at the snap.  This is NOT a rule.   The rule is that a player need to be aligned heads up on the OL at the snap, unless he is over the last down lineman on the LOS, then they can shade outside shoulder.

  1. “Must Engage” is too hard to officiate and caused issues/arguments
  2. It’s the OL’s responsibility to “engage”,  DL responsible to shed.   too much OL/DL dancing because of the prior rules
  3. The “heads up” alignment mitigates the gap play inside the tackles