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 Welcome to the Coaches Corner

All information and links important to our Head Coaches will be found under this tab.  
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Player Rosters found on the Douments Page



All Head Coaches (and optionally assistant coaches)
need to register as the head coach for their team though the JSFC website so they can get league updates, be able to be contacted by other coaches and and be availble to be contacted by the Officials and EMTs if needed,

You need to know specifically which team you are coaching this year
e.g.  Patriot Peewee Red, Patriot Varsity White, Skyland JV, etc..

Register HERE



Enter/Edit Game Results:

  1. First make sure you are signed in as a Head Coach.
  2. Select "Teams" from the menu tabs from the at the top of the page (you may have to select season, league and team at the top of the page).
  3. Select "Results" from the menu pages at the left.
  4. On the team results page, find the game you wish to edit and click on the "Edit" icon  to the right of the game.
  5. Enter the score or any additional result changes and optionally, game commentary.
  6. Click submit to confirm changes.




During the season
Be sure to submit you
Game Summaries each week by Monday 8PM


Rules documents and change logs have been updated as of 5/17/2016.



Check Out the rules changes and areas of emphasis for Officials
from the National Federation of High Schools Association (NFHS) - Our Rules Governing Body